Since the Hungaro Invest Group have been founded in 2001, beside the construction, renovation, of heavy industrial plants, honors in its manufacturing capacity development, in Hungary and abroad of it.



In the 2001 years of founding Hungaro Invest Group, the basic goal was to perform commercial and asset management tasks, but later the implementation of major industrial turnkey projects became one of our main activities.

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Our company’s main profile is the turnkey general construction: planning, manufacturing, installing, commissioning, and reconstructing of industrial equipment, pressure vessels, light and heavy steel structures. It goes without saying that it is includes the supervision activities requiring expert authorisation. Our manufacturing plant produces custom and small series machine parts, such as coking ovens, dry coke quenching equipment, pig-iron mixers, but we have also manufactured parts of biohidrogén and enzyme producing plant.

Our company have gained recognition with design and manufacturing and reconstruction of industrial water-tube boilers, its convective heating surfaces. The export and import activity is significant in commerce and complete freight of industrial half finished- and finished products. We are ready to participate in co-financing of developing, already operating enterprises and conducting investments.