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Hungaro Invest Group undertakes the following services in field of metalworking.

  • Sand blasting, shot blasting
  • Custom size cutting of metal sheets by laser-, plasma and flame cutting machines
  • Traditional machining: turning, milling
  • CNC machining of large workpieces by CNC machining center
  • Rolling of large sheets, possibility of cone rolling
  • Machining acid-resistant and stainless steels
  • Manufacture of steel structures, large tanks, pressure vessels

The Hungaro Invest Group is a leading company in Hungary in field of manufacture steel structures, large tanks, pressure vessels from carbon steel as well as stainless and acid resistant steel. Production plant also dealing with manufacture of steel structures for industrial water treatment equipment, boilers, electrical rotating machines and other equipment. The machine tools allow for traditional mechanical machining as turning and milling as well as high-precision machining large, complex workpieces by CNC machining center.

The company’s other sectors is the trade of various steel products, the plant performs cutting to custom size, also different machining operations.
However, the main profile of the Hungaro Invest Group is industrial and energy general contracting from designing up to commissioning of objects.
It includes the building of new objects or reconstruction and repair older equipment in Hungary and abroad, in which the company has a large number of references.